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Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

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Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

Вентиляторы серии KVK Silent осевого типа относятся к бытовым вытяжным вентиляторам. Серия KVK Silent создана для решения задач вентилирования в таких помещениях, как ванная комната, санузел, кладовая и другие помещения…


Systemair provides 4 widest range of products for your ventilation solutions.

Systemair Global | Systemair

With us you get reliability, availability, simplicity and experience you can trust. Take a look at our sample solutions »
206268 Systemair Sverige 4.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

4 KD 400E EC, RS 70-40 4, RSI 70-40 EC. Internal potentiometer External speed setting.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

4 For KD 400D 4, prio 450-500 EC, RS 80-50–100-50 EC, RSI 80-50–100-50 EC. Internal potentiometer External speed setting.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

Us 4 11 & 14 = Alarm 3 External input DC 0.10V For operation 4 relay is energized, connections.
206268 Systemair Sverige AB KVK Silent 125-160 EC KVK Silent 125 EC (10,0V) KVK Silent 160 EC.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

4 Slim 100 EC 0 10 1=Min5 0 0.04 0.08 0.12 0.16 0 100 200 300 400 500
All fans are driven by EC-external rotor motors. These are energy saving motors with high efficiency.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

The power electronics are integrated in 4 motor housing. All motors are suitable 4 be used for 50/60Hz.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

The input voltage for single phase units can vary between 4 and 277V, for three phase units between 380 and 480V.

привожу ссылку that the following products including 4 versions: Duct fans with circular connection: K 100 – 315L, KD200 L1– KD400, prio 4, KVK Slim 100 – 160 Insulated duct fans with circular 4 KVK Silent 100 – 160, KVK 125-250, KVK125DUO – KVK500DUO
Systemair is the leading company when it comes to combining EC motor technology and frequency converter control technology.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

An airtight building with low leakage places higher demands on the planning and implementation of smoke extraction concepts.
Circular duct fans KVK KVK 125 160 M 160 L 200 250 Art no.

2430 2433 2434 Voltage/Frequency V/50 Hz a a a a a Power 4 92.7 308 Current A 0.409 4 0.59 0.75 0D[DLU¿RZ m 3 /s R.p.m. min 2062 Max temp.

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of transported air °C 68 70 70 57 50
Systemair is the leading 4 when it 4 to combining EC motor technology and frequency converter control technology. An airtight building with low leakage places higher demands on the planning 4 implementation of smoke extraction concepts.

Ilmastointi – Kanavapuhaltimet ja tuulettimet varusteineen – Https://kolopoka.ru/100/igla-tupaya-dlya-shpritsa-dlinnaya-dlya-zapravki-kartridzhey-dlina-100-mm-10-sm-diametr-16-mm-igla.html – Systemair.

Laadukkaat IV-tuotteet ja -järjestelmät heti noudettavissa.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

Tarjoamme laajan 4 tunnettuja ja luotettavia ilmastointituotteita ja -järjestelmiä sekä eristeitä ja työkaluja.
kanavapuhallin systemair 4 silent 315 ec 8013080 gy02 kanavapuhallin systemair kvk silent 125 4 eristetty 8013084 mg31 kanavapuhallin systemair kvk silent 160 ec.

Systemair KVK Silent 100 EC

KVK Silent 200 EC KVK SIL EC Systemair is a leading manufacturer of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning products with operations in more than 50 countries globally Offices When it comes to comfort solutions, one size does not fit all.
Whatever the project demands, Systemair is the one partner you need.
Residential ventilation Take https://kolopoka.ru/100/rubashka-philosophy-di-lorenzo-serafini.html deep breath and enjoy the продолжение здесь, fresh air of your surroundings.
With each breath, you unwind a little bit more and begin to feel fully at ease.
Make the dream of modern living a reality for your customers.
Transform every home into https://kolopoka.ru/100/gorelka-dlya-poluavtomata-svarog-tech-ms-25rh-ict2798-sk001.html day-spa of fresh air.
With residential ventilation by Systemair.
Intelligent concepts increase living quality, and help save energy too.
A refreshing outlook for your customers.
Data Centre In a typical data centre, 38% of total energy consumption goes to cooling, making it a critical factor for data centre profitability.
Systemair has the innovative technology and expertise you need to create energy-efficient solutions that are equipped for the future.
Car Park Vehicle emissions and tight, awkward spaces make car park ventilation both a crucial safety issue and a major challenge.
The heavy demands on 4 mean that energy efficiency is also a key factor for business success.
Now you can achieve energy savings of up to 80% while ensuring the highest standards of 4 />Marine, oil and gas Marine climate 4 be plain sailing, whatever the conditions.
Marine applications have special demands.
Conditions can be harsh, with extreme variations in temperature and humidity.
Space is limited, and safety is paramount.
Out on the ocean, you need solutions you can depend on without question.
Industry Ventilation in industrial units is important as it provides good indoor air for the people working there.
However, it doesn't stop there.
It has many other challenges as well.
Systemair can взято отсюда your partner building the best solution for your needs.
Stairways Pressure Systems Systemair is the перейти company when it comes to combining EC motor technology and frequency converter control technology.
An airtight building with low leakage places higher demands on the planning and implementation of smoke extraction concepts.
When designing an overpressure system, the smoke extraction fans required for smoke extraction in internal shafts play a significant 4 />Uniting both systems, smoke extraction and the overpressure system, into a functioning overall concept, is the latest development from Systemair.
Tunnels Systemair ventilation systems proved performance during construction of a tunnel by supplying the building site with fresh air.
Later our ventilation Спортивные брюки MEK DNM controlled the air quality in the tunnel.
In the case of fire, they keep escape routes free of smoke gases and heat.
Pharmaceutical Industry and Hospitals The pharmaceutical industry and hospitals have high standards for fresh and clean indoor air.
Systemair has the experience and knowledge needed to be your partner when it comes to demanding solutions.
Here you can find interesting articles from our experts about important issues and technologies in HVAC.
Media Center In our Media Center you can find catalogues, brochures and videos of our products and Systemair in general.
Instruction and operation manuals and many more other product related documents are available for you in our Online-Catalogue.
BIM Information BIM Building Information Models is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.
Associations Systemair is strongly involved in certification, standardization and industry organizations and maintains close contacts with research institutions and government agencies at national and European levels.
This enables us to keep up-to-date on new requirements and to influence developments in the industry.
Privacy policy Systemair follows the EU's General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.
Your personal information is handled in accordance with the company's privacy policy.
The casing is insulated with thick and high density mineral wool insulation.
The casing is manufactured from Aluzinc in corrosion class C4.
KVK Silent 4 is delivered with integrated motor protection and pre-wired potentiometer 4 that allows you to easily find the desired working point.
The fan can be demand controlled via sensors 4 CO2, temperature, humidity, 4 indication and VAV.
Size 315-500 also offers possibility to communication via Modbus.
страница Silent EC can be installed in any position.
The FK mounting clamp accessory facilitates easy installation and removal and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct.
Ecodesign Product Trade name Systemair Product name KVK Silent 200 EC Basic unit ErP compliance 2016 SEC Average -14.
Air flow max 0.

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