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Sep 12, 5 · We don’t buy links.

We do turn money into links. 5 we don’t buy them outright.

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And we don’t recommend you do either, since our community tends to 5 link building much more efficiently than most agencies.
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5 Popular Link Building Services Field Tested.. It's Bad.

Check out everything you need…
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If you poke around, there are plenty of agencies selling link building, and almost all of them sell one type of link only:.
Very few agencies at least at our level are selling broken link building campaigns.
I think this is mostly because people have started to understand the risk of PBNs and are attempting to move towardand guest posting is the oldest, simplest, most straightforward link building tactic of them all.
There are also lots of grey-hat agencies—agencies people are comfortable with—who supposedly now sell legitimate guest posts.
Because there are occasionally good reasons for buying links, and because guest posting is by far the predominate link type being sold by agencies, we wanted to buy a couple to get a feel for both the process and the quality of these links.
Our Methodology Usually, when we set out to test something like this, we set up our experiments to be as scientific as possible, leaving the smallest possible margin of error.
There would have to be an extreme anomaly—an agency selling very good, legitimate links for really cheap—for us to ever recommend them.
So, instead, we bought 5 5 from 5 different midrange agencies one link per agency whose target demographic was people like us: independent site builders.
When we set out to do this experiment, I figured that some of the agencies would do low-quality work.
What I did not expect was for some of them to be using 5 PBNs and packaging them as guest posts.
And we should have known.
When we saw this, I asked for the links to be taken down immediately.
We should not have done that, and we really should have planned for that contingency.
I have corrected the mistake.
So the site we pointed links to will be fine.
But, clearly, it was best to remove the links anyway.
I originally ordered these best-to-worst.
However, in light of new facts, there turn out to be a lot more nuances, so really, these are in no particular order.
And honestly, we ordered from Fiverr because we wanted to show how much of a joke it was.
Now, before you run off and start buying guest posts on Fiverr, please let me clearly and unequivocally say here: Fiverr is not a good place to buy links.
There are a few halfway decent people there who seem to be if not doing actual outreach, which I doubt they are have legitimate contributor accounts at a few real sites.
Obvious editorial guidelines and good communication.
What do they promise?
A lot of these are either things you can do on 90Y3111 RAM DDRIII-1600 IBM 8Gb REG ECC Dual Rank LP PC3-12800 own for free e.
The other big chunk are people who have have contributor accounts on big sites.
Instead, I searched for people doing or claiming to do actual outreach.
I found this guy… The Result I messaged him to make sure that считаю, Объектив Pentax SMC FA 645 300mm f/4.0 ED (IF) эта was, in fact, doing real outreach, and he assured me he was, so I ordered.
The result, while not ideal, was probably the best result of this batch of five—mostly because the link was on what appears to be a real site.
According to SimilarWeb, it has 54,000 monthly traffic, and 36% of it comes from search engines.
There were several posts on this site that were rather obvious guest posts, but there were also plenty of posts that were not, indicating that this site has a real editorial team and publishes content of their own.
Additionally, the link the Fiverr vender got was in the author bio.
Lastly, the order took about 20 days, which is a reasonable turnaround time for a guest posting campaign.
Should you buy it?
If you find someone on Fiverr doing legitimate outreach for a reasonable price a price that indicates they want to be paid for the work required to do real outreachand IF they can show you samples of their work, and IF you have the money to throw around… …if all that is true, I can begrudgingly admit 5 there may be a few select vendors on Fiverr doing actual guest posting on real sites with real traffic.
Read more: We originally made a 5 for this vendor; if you read the section previously, they did fulfil the order.
When we first published this post, this section was published with inaccurate information.
I apologize for that.
Luckily, Dan gave us all the records we needed to complete a fair review, which follows.
But first, I want to correct another error.
They can post to these sites any time they want.
According to Dan, it is incorrect.
Of course, it is totally fine to leverage established relationships to secure guest posts.
That said, the site does appear to have some search engines traffic.
To be frank… Нажмите для деталей Dan emailed us, I got excited.
Dan and his team are passionate people and believe in their product.
It probably would not get me in trouble but would it really move the needle?
Would I feel this is a future proof asset I can rely on?
To this I can not say yes.
One last note here… We got some backlash about the Love to Link section in particular.
We also only ordered one link from them, so our sample size is small.
You should be doing this anytime anyone does link building for you.
But in light of the controversy this section sparked, and in light of the response from Dan, maybe set aside some extra time to really dig into the sites these links are being placed on and just decide for yourself.
What are they promising?
They specifically talk about how lots of guest posting services are basically just PBNs, and как сообщается здесь manual outreach to real sites is one of their key differentiators.
The Result I do think this is a real site.
Additionally, according to archive.
Does that even matter?
The Hoth Ah, the HOTH.
The used car salesmen of SEO.
The HOTH has been selling black- and grey-hat services for many years now, which, on its own is fine, I suppose something for everyone and all that —but they have this special tradition of selling their grey- and black-hat services as white hat.
Because I know they have ridiculous teams 5 ridiculous systems.
They are also big.
They have lots of clients.
And they were also one of the first popular agencies in our circles, as far as I can tell to jump on the post-PBN guest posting bandwagon and try to meet the emerging 5 independent site builders had for white-hat SEO.
What are they promising?
The HOTH, like others here, promises 100% manual outreach.
This means that the only people going to this site are the owners and their clients.
This does not happen naturally.
Then, I started looking at the other posts.
Lotteries and games of chance you say?
What do you suppose the odds are that this links to some questionable gambling site?
And finally, I looked at the history of the site.
As it is right now, this site is set up as a general lifestyle site.
It does not seem like a mistake.
This, to me, feels like selling polished turds to unsuspecting newbies and idiots like me who apparently have a misplaced faith in the basic good 5 humankind.
Here was their reply.
FatJoe FatJoe is another service I had high hopes for.
I did get to talk to their team after this post was published, and they showed me some of their process, which was a great help and allowed me to correct some of my misconceptions about their service.
What are they promising?
Basically the same stuff: genuine outreach, manual placement, blah blah blah.
I think one of the reasons people seem to be attracted to FatJoe is the pricing.
It feels really, really reasonable—and it flirts with feeling cheap.
Would these prices make sense?
That said, I still have some major issues with the site.
Look at the number of posts.
FatJoe is doing actual outreach свой GEWA O.M.

Monnich Violin bow 1/8 смычок для скрипки 1/8 что actual sites, but the glaring problem, in my view, is their vetting process.
Additionally, this site seems to be publishing lots of guest posts, which is something Google has been cracking down on.
This one link, though, is super disappointing.
Well, at first, we did.
Some sites were clean-ish.
So what 5 we learn from all this?
Should you buy link building services from agencies?
There are good reasons for finding an seo service and setting 5 a relationship.
But I can tell you from experience that the g ood agencies—the ones who are actually sitting down and doing the work to land you good placements on good sites—are going to cost you a lot of money.
Most reputable agencies start at a similar price point.
The effect is amplified for agencies, since they typically have at least a handful of U.
I have seen smaller agencies who have done legitimately good work for cheaper.
Hell, my brother is.
But they are few and far between, and they are typically really difficult to find.
We outlined посетить страницу источник entire guest posting system at the.
So should you buy them?
Over to you… Have you ever bought links?
Drop me a line in the comments and let me know!
Perrin is a former staff writer at Authority Hacker who now runsa boutique SEO agency that helps businesses increase their organic visibility.
Click the button below to join the training and let us show you the authority site model.
This site is not a part of the Facebook TM Website.
Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook TM in any way.

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