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Монитор ASUS VX228D

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Монитор ASUS VX228D

ЖК-монитор с диагональю 21.5;тип матрицы экрана TFT TN;разрешение 1920x1080 (16:9);подключение: VGA;яркость 250 кд/м2


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ASUS VX228H Gaming Monitor - 21.5" FHD (1920x1080)1ms, Low Blue Light, Flicker Free Delicate touches make a monitor truly great, VX228H Full HD LED monitor, with extremely quick 1ms читать статью time, 80,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and HDMI interfaces, is optimized for the finest image color quality.

Asus VX228H Manuals

View and Download Asus VX228D user manual online. Series LCD Monitor.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

VX228D Monitor pdf manual download. Also Vx228h, Vx228n.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

Horizontal frequency (analog) The horizontal scan rate/frequency shows the number of horizontal lines, displayed by the monitor per second, when it is plugged to an analog source.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

1. Disconnect power and signal cables. Carefully put the front of the.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

monitor face down on a clean table. 2.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

Use your fingers to loosen the located at the bottom of the base, and remove the base from the stand. 3. Or, you may directly use a screwdriver remove the screw that /> Aug 30, 2016 · VLOG: КУПИЛ ДВА ОДИНАКОВЫХ FULL HD ASUS | ASUS VX228H | ОТЛИЧНЫЙ МОНИТОР.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

ASUS,Displays,LCD Monitors,29" Widescreen. Superior Image Quality Meets Frameless Elegant Design.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

Inspired by millennia of artistic legacy, the new VX229H sports an elegant and precision-crafted sundial design. /> Products certified by the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada will be in перейти United States and Canada.

Please visit the ASUS USA and ASUS Canada websites for information about locally available products.

21.5" Asus VX228H - Specifications

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
May 20, 2017 · The ASUS VX228H TN monitor is sleek and slim. The thin with the footprint allow you to place this model even on a not-so-wide table. The finish is matte, not glossy or glass; which I appreciate for gaming or daily use and here is.

Монитор ASUS VX228D

As per my experience, glossy/glass screens are unpleasant, as they are highly reflective. There are many casual gamers like me who are fine with a 21.
Gaming is all about the fast display speed, which is essential for fluid pictures during the fast, on-screen motion.
To enjoy this pace, ASUS VX228H offers the impeccable speed.
Thus, for me, a genuinely good response time became the critical factor.
Obviously, I was looking for a model with 1ms response time, as it is the best specification required for keeping ghosting or shadowing of quick actions away.
Further, also kept my major requirement in mind, which was having a gaming monitor only use with PlayStation PS 3.
I was looking for a small yet functional model known for its high-quality gaming display without costing as much as the gaming console itself.
Considering these requirements, the ASUS VX228H PC monitor seemed a promising one.
It is clearly a gaming monitor with 1ms response time, which is virtually imperceptible to the human eyes.
The monitor comes with a 21.
Upon knowing these specifications, one can easily conclude that ASUS knows детальнее на этой странице to balance good technical specifications and price.
Further, it has always been praised for its product reliability, which is its biggest strength versus the other brands.
With 1ms response time, this monitor is genuinely a strong contestant for gamers who wish to get rid of the ghosting.
The quality control in terms of these aspects is truly appreciable.
The wide viewing angles are superb but they do not match with the quality, in terms of holding the color.
The higher dynamic contrast ratio than those of a few high-end monitors is another plus, as it dynamically adjusts the luminance to deliver an ideal contrast look.
You get to see real images with good colors but without data or distortion.
There is no issue of flickering as well.
The full HD LED monitor is optimized for the finest quality for both colors and images.
I had purchased the ASUS VX228H 1080p monitor by looking at its 1ms response time.
Believe me; this is ideal for FPS games and other games demanding accurate frame inputs.
You can easily rely on it for battling and competitive gaming.
Those who play games and other games know what it can cost to even a https://kolopoka.ru/asus/etor-55-oj-electronics-datchik-temperaturi-i-vlazhnosti.html frame.
So, this monitor truly delivers what these gamers need.
Although not better than those IPS monitors in terms of color quality, the performance is quite good and noteworthy.
Design The ASUS VX228H TN monitor is sleek and slim.
The thin dimensions with the trivial footprint allow you to place this model even на этой странице a not-so-wide table.
The finish is matte, not glossy or glass; which I appreciate for gaming or daily use and here is why.
This is quite distracting and triggers a headache, although the colors tend to pop out more and gives a high-quality feeling.
For gaming, I always prefer matte, as it essential to see clear details without being distracted by the reflections.
Still, I do not criticize glossy screens, as they are ideal for watching multimedia.
Because I use the monitor more for gaming and somewhat office use, I stick to matte.
Although the design is simple, it is the sundial-inspired one.
As it embraces the ultra-slim profile, the overall look is truly appealing.
There is no compromise with the style, durability, and stability.
Coming to the stand, it is extremely sturdy.
This is unlike the other monitor stands that are wobbly and flimsy.
However, the ring-shaped foot consumes a slightly more desk space than those of the other monitors having the same size.
Still, I have no issue with it.
Moreover, the stand is not ссылка на продолжение, which on the positive side, нажмите для деталей to durability.
Connectivity Another aspect about this the ASUS VX228H monitor, which I liked, is its ability to remove the hassle of connecting to more devices.
With 2 HDMI ports, you can run two more devices such as gaming console and PC at once, without investing in any costly switches or splitters.
Further, the addition of an AUX-out port and two speakers allow running the audio for all the devices.
However, the speakers have limited potential.
Still, you can enjoy listening to types of audio.
The speakers are not extraordinary but are like those of a laptop or a smartphone.
The fact that they are invisible is truly commendable.
The two HDMI ports are on the rear of the panel, which eliminates fumbling for plugging cables.
Further, a small power cord goes into a power supply socket instead of a fat cable going into the rear of the display.
This is favorable, as it simplifies the task of concealing cables.
Conclusion The ASUS VX228H display is for those who are looking for a monitor for gaming or office жмите сюда at an affordable price and with a straightforward and solid 1080p performance.
The technical profile is not that high is also not low due to which it should not be unpleasant for anybody who buys it.
I would not recommend this monitor for graphic designers for whom color accuracy is one of the priorities.
However, it is ideal for enjoying shooting games as well as your wallet.
Summary The thin dimensions, full 1080p video viewing, flicker-free technology, 1ms response time, and two HDMI make this monitor an ideal budget gaming piece.
Consider it if you wish to connect two devices as a PC and a console, a tablet and a smartphone, or gaming consoles for maximizing entertainment.


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